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Tom discovered Kundalini Yoga in Rochester NY in the late 80s. After 1½ years of practice, he felt propelled to move to the Twin Cities.

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My Story

His 24-year hiatus from classes ended in 2014 after an injury led  him back to a mindful practice. The familiarity and routine of kundalini yoga made him feel as if no time had passed. From 2014 until now he has cultivated a place in the local and national kundalini communities while continuing his home practice through the pandemic.As a professional educator, Tom brings diverse experiences to the mat and cultivates a balance between new understandings and past traditions. As a musician. he digs all the new music available from artists and musicians celebrating new sound currents in Mantra. Level One teacher training was completed in 2018 (KRI certified), and Level Two certification is in progress.  As a cyclist, Tom uses Mantra to assist him on long solo and mind-expanding excursions across the Unites States and Canada.​​​

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