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Free Community Sound Healing

Customer appreciation - Book early to assure your spot

  • Pleasant Avenue|The Chapel|Center for Performing Arts Mpls|Center for Performing Arts

Service Description

Step into a sanctuary of sound, where ancient rhythms and indigenous melodies converge to cradle your spirit in a harmonious embrace. As the ceremony begins, indigenous music echoes through the space, grounding and connecting each soul to the heartbeat of the earth. a mix between recorded music and live instruments, rich with history and tradition, weave a tapestry of sound that carries the collective consciousness to realms beyond the ordinary. The gong, a sacred symbol of resonance and expansion, reverberates through the room, its deep, resonant tones washing over the gathered circle like waves of energy. Each strike of the gong is a call to release stagnant energies and invite in a sense of renewal and clarity. Singing bowls, their pure tones ringing out like celestial bells, invite participants to journey inward, to explore the depths of their being and awaken dormant aspects of the self. The sound vibrations penetrate to the core, dissolving barriers and facilitating a profound sense of alignment and balance. As the ceremony unfolds, the music rises and falls like a gentle tide, carrying participants on a journey of healing and transformation. In this sacred space, time loses its grip, and the boundaries between self and other begin to dissolve. Participants may find themselves transported to realms of profound peace and understanding, where the language of the heart speaks louder than words. As the ceremony draws to a close, the echoes of the instruments fade into the silence, leaving behind a sense of deep serenity and connection. Join us monthly and continue your healing journey.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Full refund or credit for cancellations up to 24 hrs in advance of your class. No refund if cancelled within 24 hours.

Contact Details

  • 3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409, USA

  • Aquarian Yoga, Pleasant Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • 3754 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • 3754 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409, USA

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